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Czech School Head Teachers and their Personal and Professional Path Developement

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1/2007 - 12/2009
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Czech Science Foundation
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Faculty of Arts
school head teachers, managent and leadership, personal and professional path developement

The project focuses on head teachers at Czech primary schools as key actors of management in relatively autonomous schools. This internally heterogeneous group has not, despite some partial findings, been yet studied systematically in this country. We will first find how existing concepts and theoretical findings about school leadership and management are reflected in expectations placed on head teachers. How head teachers cope with the expectations and how such facts are reflected in educational and school policies. Then the development of personal and professional paths of head teachers will be studied as to how such paths are planned. The main research methods will include the analytical-comparative method, research of life story and in-depth interviews. These methods will be supplemented by other techniques. The respondents will be Czech primary school head teachers, ideally the same set for the duration of the project. The result should be a unified body of fundamental data about head teachers, thus enriching the possibilities of educational research, school policy and practice.


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