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Gender, sexuality, and performativity in discourses on pornography as a social representation of sex

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1/2008 - 12/2009
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Czech Science Foundation
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Faculty of Social Studies
gender, sexuality, performativity, pornography, speech acts, symbolic power

My research project is grounded in an approach in which gender, one of the basic criteria of stratification, is
brought to sociology via feminist theory and gender studies. Today however, if mainstream Czech sociology
mentions the concept of gender at all, it takes for granted the dichotomy that sex equals (the) biological while
gender equals (the) social, whereas gender is presented as having two categories and two categories only: man
and woman. This oversimplification impoverishes our sociological understanding of gendered social reality.
The aim of my research is to put this matter-of-fact binarism in question, and to critically analyze the
multiplicity of (re)conceptualizations of gender within feminist theory. I propose that discourses on
pornography as a social representation of sex are crucial for analyzing the category of gender. The proposed
research will enrich Czech sociology with a detailed conceptualization of one of the most basic categories of
social research – gender. My research is an important contribution to the forming discipline of Czech Gender


Total number of publications: 8

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