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Inovace oborů Fyzika plazmatu, Biofyzika, Fyzika kondenzovaných látek a Teoretická fyzika a astrofyzika doktorského programu Fyzika na PřF MU (DSP Fyzika)

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The project aim at an enhancement of a quality of doctoral studies in fields of Plasma physics, Biophysics, Physics of Condensed Matter and Theoretical physics and Astrophysics at the Faculty of Science of Masaryk University. New advanced courses (20 in total) will be introduced in relevant fields of physics.

The reform will allow students to grasp all necessary basic knowledge, namely in the context of plasma and condensed matter physics about structural and diagnostic methods and techniques. It will also ease an access to new research infrastructures for doctoral students, boost the public visibility of doctoral study programs and help to find suitable study candidates.

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