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Political Parties in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Oceania

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1/2009 - 12/2012
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Czech Science Foundation
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Faculty of Social Studies
Political parties, Africa, Latin America, Asia, and Oceania
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University Hradec Králové

The main goal of the research is thus the verification of contemporary theories of political parties (which are
mainly based on analyses of West European and American parties) on examples from Africa, Asia, Latin
America and Oceania. The researchers want to check each thesis of the contemporary theory of political parties
on the material collected from developing countries, such as the rise, development and extinction of political
parties, their organization, membership base, functions, ideology, decisions and role of political elites
(charismatic personalities) in the party structure, typology of political parties, political parties and elections
(electoral campaigns and elections, etc. Another aim is to check the basic definition of parties and try to redefine
it from the aspect of parties in developing countries. The final outcome of the research will be
confirmation of the general theory of political parties and a suggestion to change or supplement the main


Total number of publications: 10

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