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Elektrochemická analýza DNA mini-hairpinu d(GCGAGC)

Title in English Electrochemical analysis of DNA mini-hairpin d(GCGAGC)


Year of publication 2013
Type Article in Periodical
Magazine / Source ChemZi, Slovenský časopis o chémii pre chemické vzdelávanie, výskum a priemysel
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Science

Field Electrochemistry
Keywords DNA;hairpins;heptamer;hairpin loop;adenine;cytosine;guanine;linear sweep voltammetry;LSV;elimination voltammetry with linear scan;EVLS
Description DNA hairpins play an important role in key biochemical processes at the cellular level, as they are considered potential recognition sites for regulatory proteins control life cycles [1]. The most famous is a short hairpin DNA heptamer d(GCGAAGC). It is associated with the development of repeating triplet sequences in the DNA chain, resulting in the development of neurodegenerative diseases [2]. Recently, it was based on semi-empirical structural and energy analysis demonstrated that short hairpin hexamer, d(GCGAGC) composed from d(GC)2 strain and GA loop may exist in solution [1]. From the viewpoint of electrochemistry, DNA oligomers (hexamers and heptamer) provide the mercury electrode in aqueous buffered solutions characteristic reduction signals of adenine and cytosine (A + C) residues and oxidation signals of guanine (G) residues. [3] The aim of our research is voltammetric analysis (voltammetry with linearly changing potential - Linear Sweep Voltammetry - LSV and Elimination Voltammetry With Linear Scan - EVLS) of DNA mini - Hairpin d(GCGAGC), the voltammetric experiment allowed not only watch the character of reduction (A + C) signals with their allocation to the electrode, but also the character of the oxidation (G) signals, the influence of varying concentrations (4.5 x 10-8 M - 8.55 x 10-7 M) of studied hexamer and a pH buffered solution (phosphate - acetate buffer, pH 3.57 to 6.54).
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