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Účinky nízkovýkonného laserového záření na pohyb buněk protozoí

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Title in English Effects of the low-powered laser irradiation on the movement of protozoan cells


Year of publication 2004
Type Article in Proceedings
Conference XXVII. Dny lékařské biofyziky, Sborník abstrakt
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Medicine

Field Biophysics
Keywords Therapeutic laser; protozoan movement
Description Two different protozoan species, Euglena gracilis and Tetrahymena thermophila, were used to study changes in locomotion behavior in response to low-power lasers. The cells were irradiated at 830 nm and 650 nm generated by a semiconductor laser (99 J/cm2, 360mW) and a laser pointer (0.75 J/cm2, 5mW), respectively, and their locomotion was recorded by a TV camera and analyzed by computer software. Exposure to laser light, regardless of the wavelength, resulted in increased cell velocity in both species (P<0.001). Exposure to 650 nm produced an equal increase in median cell velocity in both Euglena gracilis (19.0 % ) and Tetrahymena thermophila (18.2 %) and some increase persisted in the post-irradiation 30-second period. Irradiation by 830 nm resulted in a markedly higher response in Tetrahymena (29.4 %) than in Euglena (15.2%) and the two median values remained increased after irradiation was discontinued. Different reactions found in the species studied and some mechanisms underlying the response of cells to radiation are discussed.
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