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Effects of the Non-invasive Lsaser Treatment on the Cell Structure

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1/2004 - 12/2006
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Czech Science Foundation
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Faculty of Medicine
therapeutic laser, cytoskeleton, biomembranes, stress proteins, damage repair

Low-power therapeutic lasers (uo to 500 mW) are currently used in clinical medicine. They have favourable effects on many pathological conditions and facilitate healing processes. Although in clinical medicine, low-power laser therapy have been described to have analgesic, muscle-relaxing, antiphlogistic, antioedematous, bactericidal and virucidal effects, there is no relevant information on how or whether therapeutic laser beams may affect living structures at the molecular or cellular levels. The objective of the project is to gain an insight into the response of the cytoskeletal and membrane structures, the systems which play a decisive role in cell life, to low-power laser exposure. In exposed monolayer cultures of human normal and malignant cells, the development of structural and functional changes occurring in microtubules, microfilaments, intermediate filaments and their associated proteins, in occurrence of stress proteins ande the changes of cell membranes will be recorded and the subsequent repair processes, if they occur, wil be studied. The techniques used will include immunofluorescence, immunodetection by electron microschopy, ultrathin sectioning, freeze-etching and scanning electron microschopy. The results obtained may prompt a more thorough investigation into long-term effects of laser treatment in human tissues, organs and the whole human body.


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