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Expresní profily vybraných transkripčních faktorů v průběhu osteoklastové diferenciace

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Title in English Expression profiles of certain transcription factors in osteoclast differentiation


Year of publication 2008
Type Article in Proceedings
Conference XII. Pracovní setkání biochemiků a molekulárních biologů. Sborník abstraktů.
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Faculty of Science

Field Genetics and molecular biology
Keywords transcription factors osteoclasts qRT-PCR
Description Osteoclasts are large, multinucleated cells responsible for bone resorption and remodelling. Differentiation disorders or impaired regulation of activity lead to serious congenital or acquired diseases. Origin of osteoclasts is hematoipoetic and is driven by similar transcription factors as other blood cell types. Differentiation of osteclasts is usually induced by combination of cytokines M-CSF (CSF-1) and RANKL. This work is focused on expression profiles of transcription factors PU.1, MITF, c-myb, c-jun, c-fos and CBP, together with three osteoclasts markers CtsK, CarII and Integrin b3. Results show, that expression of c-jun, c-Myb and CBP is downregulated in mature osteoclasts and their absence is probably necessary for succesfull terminal differentiation. PU.1, MITF and c-Fos are rather upregulated, which corelates well with previously published data. This work is a pilot study of expression dynamics of these important molecules and contributes to better understandning of osteoclasts differentiation. This work was supported by grants 301/06/0036 a 204/08/H054 of grant agency of Czech republic and MSM0021622415 MSMT.
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