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Testování odborného a akademického cizího jazyka: Zásady tvorby a příklady testových úkolů

Title in English Testing of professional and academic foreign language: Principles of task production and examples of test tasks


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Description The book aims at proficiency testing of a professional and academic language and it is written as a practical guide that provides users with basic information about the development and features of a language test, testing methods and techniques that are correlated with the B1, B2 and C1 levels of the European Framework of Reference for Languages. The first part discusses the basic stages of language test development, its features, basic principles of test item production, and statistical analysis of test results. The second section lists the various testing techniques for individual language skills, along with examples of test tasks. The authors also analyze translation as a test task of its kind. The final section concerns the issue of copyright protection, which is directly connected with the production of test items.
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