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Study of hybrid deposition process and its application for thin film deposition

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1/2008 - 12/2010
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Czech Science Foundation
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Faculty of Science
magnetron sputtering, hybrid PVD-PECVD, hysteresis behaviour, thin film deposition, nanocomposite, BCN

This project focuses on investigation of behaviour of hybrid PVD-PECVD process, which will be used for preparation of nanocomposite n-Ti:C/a-C:H and a-BCN:H materials. In this hybrid deposition process, a gaseous hydrocarbon will be used as a source of carbon instead of its conventional sputtering from magnetron target. Hysteresis behaviour of this process together with properties of deposited thin films will be investigated and compared with those of PVD process. Comparative study for two types of hydrocarbons will be performed. Advanced model of reactive sputtering assuming nonuniform discharge current density will be developed. This model will be extended to accommodate the interaction of gaseous hydrocarbon with all surfaces in the deposition chamber.


Total number of publications: 37

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