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Příprava mezinárodního projektu do 2. kola H2020 - EDIReX (EDIReX)

Kód projektu
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10/2016 - 12/2017
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Finance z tohoto grantu budou použity na cestovní výdaje v rámci přípravy projektu European Distributed Infrastructure for Research on patient-derived cancer Xenografts pro 2. kolo výzvy H2020. Schůzky spoluřešitelů budou probíhat na různých místech Evropy, kam za MU pojedou vždy dva zástupci.
Anotace uváděného projektu v původním jazyce je následující:
The overall goal of the project is to integrate and harmonise a European resource of patient-derived xenograft (PDX) models and their annotation, and organise the access to European researchers for the performance of precision preclinical and translational oncology research. Through this EDIReX proposal, the EurOPDX Consortium members are now teaming up with other key academic and SME partners to reach the following objectives: 1 - Integrate a distributed collection of 1,500 established PDX models across 30 pathologies, through the biobanking in a reduced number platforms or laboratories partners to the project (6/7); 2 - Define common standards and protocols for models annotation and biobanking, in particular through the generalisation of the Laboratory Information Management System developed by one of the partners; 3 - Organise the virtual access to the collection of models and its clinical, molecular and pharmacological annotation through a dedicated database; 4 - Organise the joint management of trans-national access provision to academia and industry partners through common procedures and interfaces. Under this project we plan the shipment of frozen tumour samples to academic laboratories (n=10 per model), and the performance of in vivo and ex vivo preclinical experiments in the distributed infrastructure (n=10 selected projects), in particular for industry through public-private partnerships; 5 - Provide associated training and consulting services relying on the expertise of the network in the field and across multiple cancer types; 6 - Perform joint research activities for improvement of the infrastructure, a