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Climatically promoted homogenization of aquatic invertebrates tested on three model lotic systems and historical data

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1/2020 - 12/2022
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In responce to global change, biotic communities are undergoing a compositional change in species identity and dominance, leading to a loss of taxonomical and/or functional differences among communities at different spatial scales, i.e. homogenization, which might have serious ecological impact. Due to many confounding factors and a lack of reliable historical record, only a little evidence of homogenization directly related to climate change has been found in lotic habitats, strongly threatened by changes in their thermal and hydrological regime. By comparing (a) historical data in reference streams, (b) groundwater-dependent habitats of contrasting thermal stability, and (c) perrenial streams with those recently becoming intermittent, we want to examine if an increase of temperature and drought homogenize taxonomic and/or funcional composition of invertebrate communities, while testing on relevant species traits and accounting for important environmental drivers.


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