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Effect of hybridization between common and mediterranean barbel on the composition of the monogenean parasite communities in southern France.

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Rok publikování 2014
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Popis The Monogenea represent a heterogeneous group of mainly fish ectoparasites, which generally display a high level of host specificity and high morphological variability of attachment organs. In 2007-2013, together 327 fish individuals were collected from both sympatric and allopatric populations, and subsequently dissected for the presence of metazoan parasites. Based on molecular identification using 30 microsatellite markers, the occurrence of pure B. barbus (191) and B. meridionalis (71) individuals and their respective hybrids (65) were detected. Of all parasitic groups, Monogenea were the most dominant almost in all Barbus populations. Within the family Dactylogyridae, Dactylogyrus carpathicus parasitized both Barbus species from the investigated sites, while D. malleus was specific for B. barbus which is in concordance with previously published data. On the other hand, in our study D. dyki was present solely in allopatric populations of B. barbus, while its occurrence was previously documented also in B. meridionalis populations. Our study reported for the first time the presence of D. extensus in B. meridionalis. This parasite has been considered as a specific parasite of common carp (Cyprinus carpio). The family Gyrodactylidae was represented by Gyrodactylus katharineri and G. markewitschi parasitizing both B. barbus and B. meridionalis. Furthermore, at least three Gyrodactylus species were detected in investigated populations, one of them host-specific for B. barbus individuals. However, molecular identification is further required to determine these parasites to a species level. Paradiplozoon homoion, the only representative of the family Diplozoidae, occurred rarely and in low abundances in populations of both Barbus species.Overall, significantly higher abundance of monogenean parasites was found in B. barbus comparing to B. meridionalis. Significantly lower monogenean abundance was revealed in hybrids when compared to both parental Barbus species.
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