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Early Stage of Chemically Peculiar Stars

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Rok publikování 2015
Druh Článek ve sborníku
Konference Physics and Evolution of Magnetic and Related Stars
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Obor Astronomie a nebeská mechanika, astrofyzika
Klíčová slova pre-main-sequence cp stars
Popis Chemically peculiar stars are known to be the main sequence objects and are characterized by a wide variety of element abundance patterns. They display abundance peculiarities of various chemical elements from helium to mercury in their photospheres. These are explained by the diffusion processes driven by the competition between the radiative levitation and gravitational settling. Current estimates suggest that about 10% of all the stars in the corresponding spectral range (B to F-type) belong to various CP groups. The most populous groups are the metallic line (Am) stars and the magnetic Bp/Ap objects. The reason and the time-scale for the rise of chemical peculiarities is still not known, so is for the role of the magnetic field. The investigation of very young CP stars can help to shed more light on these issues and to test the diffusion theory. However, so far only one pre-main sequence (PMS) Bp star is known. We present here the discovery of a PMS CP candidate, which very probably belongs to the group of Am CP stars.
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