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X3DOM: Open Web Platform for Presenting 3D Geographical Data and E-learning



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Konference Central Europe Area in View of Current Geography. Proceedings of 23rd Central European Conference
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Obor Zemský magnetismus, geodesie, geografie
Klíčová slova 3D visualization; e-learning; geographical data; web cartography; X3DOM
Popis 3D visualization is important for a number of applications used daily in various domains related to geographical space such as disaster management, urban planning, documentation of cultural heritage, as well as teaching geography. This paper is devoted to the issue of 3D modelling at different spatial extents and levels of detail. Theoretical section summarizes a review of data formats, software and web technologies used for the 3D visualization of geographical data. X3DOM library has been chosen for the implementation of several 3D visualizations. Different input data and software were used for each of these use cases. The individual processing methods were compared with each other. Possibilities of implementation of interactive functions in X3DOM library and their utilization in educational materials for the teaching geography were also described in detail. Advantages, limits and future development of the proposed concepts are discussed in the conclusions.
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