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Extrinsic feedback in martial arts training



Rok publikování 2016
Druh Konferenční abstrakty
Fakulta / Pracoviště MU

Fakulta sportovních studií

Popis Variety of factors play important role in the process of acquiring motor skills.One of crucial factors is feedback, which is the information about the movement provided to the learner during and after a movement. That is why two kind of feedback are described in the kinesiology theory – intrinsic and extrinsic feedback. We are focusing on differences between two kind of extrinsic feedback (verbal and video) in the traditional martial arts training. 21 students in the forth semester of the study programme Special Education of Security Bodies at Masaryk University, 18 (M) and 3 (F) in average age 22.1, were involved in the study. Techniques of martial art aikido were thought in one particular educational unit by using extrinsic verbal feedback from teacher firstly and afterwards by using extrinsic video feedback. Students evaluated their own performance more strictly by using video feedback (M=2.81) in comparison with verbal feedback (M=2.67). They considered the video feedback method more effective (M=1.86) the verbal feedback (M=2.10). Significant difference was in their evaluation of amusing nature of the training, where verbal feedback was less amusing (M=2.71) than video feedback (M=1.95). On the other hand, video feedback was in average more confusing (M=1.52) for students than the verbal feedback (M=1.43). Although average number of details, which students were focusing on were higher by verbal feedback (M=4.29) than by video feedback (M=3.52), we consider this difference influenced by fatigue. Results show that use of extrinsic video feedback is considered by students more effective than extrinsic verbal feedback. Students were more critical when they saw their own execution of techniques on video. Also, use of video feedback was evaluated more amusing. We assume, there is connection between effectivity and amusing nature of training.

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