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External dimension of the Energy Union: Transition to a low carbon economy

Název česky Externí dimenze Energetické unie: Přechod k nízkouhlíkové ekonomice

ŠVEC Martin

Rok publikování 2017
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Popis The paper looks at the external dimension of the Energy Union in tackling climate change around the globe. The EU is at the forefront of paving the way for the transition to a low carbon economy. The implementation of commitments set by the Paris Agreement (ratified by the EU on 5 October 2016) requires coordinated action by the EU with its international partners (Paris Agreement, joint implementation). Political declarations need to be transformed into investments delivering universal access to carbon neutral energy. The International Energy Agency estimates that 66% of all global emission reductions by 2030 are necessary to achieve the 2o C scenario could be obtained by investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy, however global energy investments are not yet consistent with this energy transition (World Energy Investment Outlook 2016). The paper analyses existing instruments of energy diplomacy promoting global energy transition towards decarbonisation, such as bilateral energy dialogues, regional platforms or international agreements (International Energy Charter, Energy Community, Energy Charter Treaty).
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