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Sprimg viremia of cyprinid species and their hybrids

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Rok publikování 2018
Druh Konferenční abstrakty
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Popis Viral diseases in aquacultures are serious problem mainly due to lack of treatment options. Spring viremia of carp (SVC) is caused by Rhabdovirus carpio, a bullet-shaped RNA virus. The disease has been reported in many regions of the world, mainly in Europe, Middle East and also in America. Mortality caused by SVCV has reached 70% in yearling carp from European populations. In our work, we focused on SVCV mechanism, development and progress. We examined the level of expression of SVCV in C. carpio, C. auratus gibelio and their F1 hybrids. Several hypotheses have been predicted for parasite load in parental species and their F1 hybrids (dominance, resistance, susceptibility or additive scenario). The main aim was to investigate the SVCV infection progress in three above mentioned groups of fish. Our preliminary findings about viral expression within host groups correspond with previous studies in this field. In C. gibelio, viral copies rapidly increased in all samples at 24-48 hpi to the maximum. In C. carpio, slower progress of an infection was observed and viral copies increased to maximum at 3-5 dpi in this group. In the hybrid group, the infection progress was very heterogenic between individuals and could not be characterized uniformly. The regulation of SVCV infection may be potentially useful in process of eradication of introduced species, immune response research using breed lines, or in development of fish antivirotics (vaccines or antiviral treatment).
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