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Some determinants of communication in group reflection of practice

Název česky vybrané determinanty komunikace ve skupinové reflexi


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Popis The aim of the study is to explore how the group reflection of students of teacher training looks like from the perspective of communication, specifically from the perspective of a non-linguistic social signals of the communication and the physiology of the individual participants. If we considered reflection as a key part of teacher training (Korthagen & Vasalos, 2005), then it is necessary to pay attention not only reflection as a phenomena, but also topic of support of reflection, which is not given enough attention (Bolinger & Stanton, 2014). Therefore, it is important to deal resembles a group reflection. Form of group reflection of practice will be examined from perspective of non-linguistic social signals, such as tone of voice, pitch, speed of speech, etc. Non-linguistic social signals can be considered for hidden determinants of communication (Pentland & Heibeck , 2008). This is a natural experiment that examines the form of communication during group reflection with the support 1) sociometric badges (Olguín & Pentland, 2010), which are devices measure non-linguistic signals and 2) SenseWear devices, which measure the galvanic skin response (GSR) as an indicator of physiological arousal involvement of students in group reflection. The result of the study will be description of group reflection through perspective of non-linguistic social signals of communication. Furthermore, we will present how these signals relate to other measured data in the seminar to be more precise an emotional involvement of students and teachers in the course of group reflection.