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Emerging post-car transport infrastructure materialities in the Czech Republic?

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Rok publikování 2017
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Fakulta / Pracoviště MU

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Popis Automobility itself has constituted an overwhelming feature of life and has influenced many aspects of modern urban societies for at least several last decades. It seems, however, that the era of total domination of passenger car is currently fading away. This paper has two main objectives. The first aim is to discuss a story of automobility from the Czech viewpoint, and thus to contribute to the enrichment of geographical knowledge with distinct, Central European and post-socialist perspectives. The development of automobility system has been delayed here as a consequence of a socialist regime preferring hugely mobility based on public transport. The growth of motoring after the fall of the socialist regime has been in progress till nowadays, although its steepness has recently declined significantly. To be more precise, according to some scholars, there is even evidence of post-car development in large metropolises like Prague or Brno. The second aim of the paper is, therefore, to empirically analyse the nature of the recently built and currently planned transport infrastructure materialities in large Czech cities. The car- or non-car nature of transport infrastructure materialities will be thus used as an indicator of the changing attitudes of relevant decision-makers, city councils and other public sphere bodies and of their willingness to consider, stimulate and gradually develop also other-than-car urban transport futures.
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