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«Текст, выходящий за»

Název česky Text, který překračuje hranice


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Filozofická fakulta

Popis The entire twentieth century is associated with the idea of expanding borders and their overcoming - in science, in philosophy, in art, in literature. If we talk about literature, it is not by chance, overcoming the border of the genre, to replace prose and poetry comes "text". A text that gradually goes beyond its usual boundaries - it exists outside the book, it goes beyond the verbal level, it makes the word, paper, author or reader optional. In our report on the example of selected texts of Russian uncensored literature of the beginning of the XX - XXI centuries, we traced some important milestones of the liberation of the literary text from the usual forms and attempts to release it into a new artistic dimension. (Firstly it will be about the texts of Groups OBERIU, Lianzovo, Moscow conceptualists, etc.)
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