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ITP analysis of sweet beverages and beers



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Konference XIX. Workshop of Biophysical Chemists and Electrochemists
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Popis Isotachophoresis (ITP) is a modern analytical method which provides information about qualitative and quantitative composition of the sample. The sample is injected between leading (LE) and terminating (TE) electrolyte which ions have higher (LE) and lower (TE) mobility than all ions present in the sample. When the voltage is applied on inert Pt electrodes placed in solution, the ions are separated into individual zones according to their decreasing electrophoretic mobility. The ITP method was applied for analysis of samples of sweet beverages, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beers when the content of artificial sweeteners (e.g. acesulfame, cyclamate, saccharin) and some anions (e.g. sulphate, malate, succinate, citrate, phosphate) was determined. The analyses were carried out on electrophoretic analyzer EA 102 (Villa Labeco, Slovakia) with conductivity detector.
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