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Analysis of a health education textbook in the context of the Framework educational programme for elementary education and possibilities of implementation of the issue of chronic non-communicable diseases in the Czech Republic



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Konference Life in Health 2019: Research and Practice. Proceedings of the International Conference held on 5–6 September 2019
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Klíčová slova health; prevention; chronic non-communicable diseases; health education; textbook; methodological material
Popis Chronic non-communicable diseases are the main cause of death in the Czech Republic. They primarily include oncological and cardiovascular diseases. Primary prevention starts in the family at an early age and continues (or should continue) during compulsory education. The absence of this theme in health education in elementary schools is highlighted by Hřivnová (2018). The issue of prevention of chronic non-communicable diseases should be present in elementary schools and teachers must be provided with high-quality resources to work with. The authors analysed the Framework educational programme for elementary education (2017) and the only available textbook on health education certified by the Ministry of Education of the Czech Republic, and checked whether the theme in question was included. The authors also investigated whether and which programmes, projects and methodological materials elementary school teachers have on the prevention of chronic non-communicable diseases. The paper also presents 2 methodological materials intended for elementary school (and secondary school) teachers, which provide a didactic transformation of the issue of chronic non-communicable diseases.