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Constitution and structural chemistry of T-Mn Systems (T = Sc to Ta)


ROGL Peter Franz YAN Xinlin CHEN X.-Q. BROŽ Pavel VŘEŠŤÁL Jan BURŠÍK Jiří PAVLŮ Jana SMETANA Bedřich ROGL Gerda GRYTSIV Andriy MICHOR Herwig

Rok publikování 2021
Druh Konferenční abstrakty
Fakulta / Pracoviště MU

Přírodovědecká fakulta

Popis Manganese is one of the important alloying partners in many structural alloy systems with Laves-phases as the dominant preciptitates. Consequently, the T-Mn phase diagrams (T is an early transition metal from Sc to Ta) and the TMn2 Laves phases are part of numerous ternary and higher order systems of technological importance, involving hydrogen storage materials, high strength steels (exceeding a yield strength of 700 MPa) and intermetallics in aerospace and/or earth-bound turbine applications and last but not least high strength materials for biomedical applications. Based on our systematic investigations (phase relations, X-ray and neutron structure analyses, SEM, TEM electron diffraction and physical property studies) of binary and ternary Laves phase systems with Mn, the presentation will provide a comprehensive overview on (i) the structural chemistry of the corresponding Mn-based Laves phases, (ii) their thermodynamic stability from calorimetric measurements but also from DFT calculations, (iii) the phase relations in binary T-Mn systems including CALPHAD-type thermodynamic assessments, and (iv) evaluation of physical properties (resistivity, magnetism, specific heat) including also mechanical properties.

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