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The warmth of the welcome: Cultural armature of cities and its role in shaping migration attitudes at the local level

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Rok publikování 2022
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Fakulta / Pracoviště MU

Fakulta sociálních studií

Popis There is a growing consensus among migration scholars concerning the need to move beyond methodological nationalism and look at the local and transnational contexts of migration processes. This trend has been, however, largely disregarded in some fields; for example, the nation-state continues to represent the basic unit for the exploration of migration attitudes. In our research, we address this deficiency. Relying on qualitative research methods and a meaning-centered cultural-sociological perspective, we shift our focus to the “cultural armature” (Jaworsky et al 2012) of cities and explore its role in shaping migration attitudes. Jaworsky et al. define cultural armature of cities as a combination of 1. local history and cultural geography; 2. urban self-representation; 3. municipal responses to migration; and 4. cultural responses to demography. We use this approach to study the migration attitudes in two Czech locales with a higher than an average number of residents with a migratory background, which have recently become centers for migration-related public controversy. We argue that the cultural armature of city represents an influential cultural repertoire that informs migration attitudes and thus also symbolic boundary work among the native born and the general warmth of their welcome towards residents with a migratory background. Jaworsky, Bernadette Nadya, Peggy Levitt, Wendy Cadge, Jessica Hejtmanek and Sara R. Curran. 2012. "New Perspectives on Immigrant Contexts of Reception: The Cultural Armature of Cities." Nordic Journal of Migration Research 2(1):78-88.
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