Something you may have wanted to know about L&B

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Originální název Something you may have wanted to know about L&B
Zdeněk Šustr
Jiří Sitera
František Dvořák
Jiří Filipovič
Daniel Kouřil
Aleš Křenek
Luděk Matyska
Miloš Mulač
Jan Pospíšil
Miroslav Ruda
Zdeněk Salvet
Michal Voců

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Originální název
Druh Článek v odborném periodiku
Klíčová slova grid job; job status; job id; notification


Logging and Bookkeeping (L&B) is a gLite subsystem responsible for tracking jobs on the grid. Normally the user interacts with it via glite-wms-job-status and glite-wms-job-logging-info gLite commands. Here we present other, less generally known but still useful L&B usage patterns which are available with recently developed L&B features. L&B exposes simple HTML (for humans) and plain text (for scripting) interfaces over HTTPS. Hence, for example, pointing a web browser to a jobid yields human-readable page on the job status details. Similarly, the plain L&B server endpoint URL shows a clickable list of an active user's jobs and notification handles. Apart of actively querying L&B server, users can also subscribe for receiving notifications on job state changes. Possible criteria range from simple "whatever happens to this job" to "a job of this VO user gets resubmitted to another CE." We demonstrate how to use notifications via both API and CLI.

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