International conference: Tribute to Kurt Gödel 2020

International conference

Tribute to Kurt Gödel 2020

13 - 15 January 2020, Brno, the Czech Republic

organised by Brno Observatory and Planetarium,
Kurt Gödel Society in Brno and Masaryk University.

The event is organised to commemorate the anniversaries (14 January)
of the death of Kurt Gödel (Brno 1906 - Princeton 1978)
as well as the birth of Alfred Tarski (Warsaw 1901 - Berkeley 1983).

Preliminary programme:

Monday 13 January 2020
8:30 registration
10:00 opening; Prof Jiří Zlatuška (Dean of Faculty of Informatics, MU)
10:30 Jiří Rosický "From first-order logic to accessible categories"
11:30 lunch break
13:30 Pavel Pudlák "On the Second Incompleteness Theorem"
14:30 coffee break
14:45 Albert Visser "Reflections on the Second Incompleteness Theorem"
15:45 coffee break

contributed talks
16:15 Bohdan Hejna "Common Gnoseological Meaning of Goedel and Caratheodory Theorems"
16:45 Ashot Baghdasaryan and Hovhannes Bolibekyan "On Recurrent Neural Network Based Theorem Prover For First Order Minimal Logic"
17:15 coffee break
17:30 Peter Vojtáš "From Vopěnka's Phenomenology to a Modeling Framework"
16:45 Peter Zamarovský "Alternative Mathematics, or Petr Vopěnka's Wandering to Alternativity and Back"

Tuesday 14 January 2020
9:00 morning coffee
9:30 Matthias Baaz "Gödel logics - enduring consequences of a short paper"
10:30 coffee break
10:45 Curtis Franks "Gödel in 2020: hindsight, foresight, and logical blindness"
11:45 coffee break

contributed talks
12:00Elio La Rosa "Informal Provability and its Logics"
12:30Piotr Błaszczyk "Modern Alternatives to Cantor's Theory of Infinity"
13:00lunch break

Petr Vopěnka's block

15:00 opening, Prof Pavol Zlatoš
15:15 Lev Bukovský "From topology to set theory"
15:45 Alena Vencovská "Alternative set theory and new infinitary mathematics"
16:15 coffee break
16:30 chamber music by Trio Komorní dechové harmonie Brno
16:45 Kateřina Trlifajová "An encounter with Petr Vopěnka"
17:15 Prof Jan Novotný on Prof Vopěnka and Kurt Gödel Prize for him

presenting the prize to Vopěnka's son Martin Vopěnka by Prof Jan Novotný and Prof Pavol Zlatoš

18:00 ceremonial dinner (at Brno Observatory; end - 20:00)

Wednesday 15 January 2020
contributed talks
9:00 Fedor Pakhomov "Speedups for Elementary Geometry and Presburger Arithmetic"
9:30 Miloš Dokulil "Gödel's Religious Worldview and the Path to its Immanent Personal Interpretation"
10:00 Joachim Hertel "New Numerical Evidence for Gödelian Hypercomputing Minds"
10:30 trip (bus/walk) on Brno's Gödelian places of interest; organised by Prof Jan Pavlík
12:00 ceremonial lunch & end of the conference

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