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The second site of Pupilla alpicola (Charpentier, 1837) and the first recent record of Pupilla pratensis (Clessin, 1871) in Poland



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Obor Zoologie
Klíčová slova calcareous fens; Pupilla alpicola; Pupilla pratensis; Poland; new records
Popis The second site of Pupilla alpicola (Charpentier) was found in Poland in 2010. It is a treeless alkaline fen located close to the village of Czarny Dunajec (Nowy Targ region, S. Poland). The site is the north-western extension of the Western Carpathian distribution of the species, being more than 30 km away from the previously known Polish site near Niedzica village and also from its known sites in Slovakia. The first recent record of Pupilla pratensis (Clessin) in Poland was found in the north-easternmost part of Poland close to the border with Lithuania, in the vicinity of the village of Rowele. It is an extension of the species’ distribution in NW. Europe and also the easternmost known record of this taxon. Both species are exclusive inhabitants of calcareous fens and fen meadows, highly endangered and mostly isolated, and deserve attention of nature conservation agencies. They seem to be very rare in Poland, because no further population was documented at 25 suitable alkaline fen sites sampled mainly in 2010 and 2011 across the southern and eastern part of Poland.
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