Veřejná přednáška: Prevence dušení pod psychickým tlakem u sportovců/kyň i v týmech

Anotace přednášky:

Why do experienced athletes fail when it really counts – not sinking the short golf putt that would win a major tournament, missing the penalty kick that would win the football world cup …? This has been referred to as choking under pressure. Major reasons for choking are anxiety leading to thinking too much about the consequences of failure and as a consequence, trying to focus explicitly on how to execute the skill. Exactly this will interfere with the automated, smooth execution of the skill resulting in increased kinematic variance eventually leading to failure. Choking can occur on an individual level but also in team performance. The latter has been referred to as team collapse. Recent research has addressed means to prevent or eliminate choking. Good candidates are routines, embodiment techniques, and/or a different route to the acquisition of motor skills. In teams communication addressing emotion regulation appears to be crucial. Meanwhile, quite a number of studies have shown that these interventions can be successful in elite sports but also in other areas of life. 

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