Managing director Hartmann Rico na ECON MUNI

We are excited to announce that Marek Třeška, one of our esteemed graduates and current Managing Director at HARTMANN-RICO, will be returning to ECON MUNI to share his invaluable insights and expertise with us.

Marek's lecture promises to be a unique opportunity for you to gain first-hand knowledge and experience about the functioning of a multinational company, as well as effective leadership strategies that you can apply in your future careers.

This lecture is open to all students, regardless of your course of study. So, whether you are an aspiring business leader or simply curious about the inner workings of a successful company, this is an event that you definitely don't want to miss!

We look forward to seeing you at the lecture and hearing Marek's inspiring story.

Katedra podnikové ekonomiky a managementu (Ekonomicko-správní fakulta)
Ing. Bc. Sylva Žáková Talpová, Ph.D.

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