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Electoral Violence in the Western Balkans: From Voting to Fighting and Back (EVWB-FVFB)

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1/2017 - 12/2017
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Masarykova univerzita
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Fakulta sociálních studií

The project is focused on covering of expenses needed for finishing and publishing a book (monography) in prestigious foreign publishing house which will secure its international distribution and promotion. The proposal is based on existing communication with British publisher Routledge (Taylor&Francis Group), allegedly the largest global academic publisher within humanities and social sciences. The publishing house has agreed to publish the manuscript with working title „Electoral Violence in the Western Balkans: From Voting to Fighting and Back”.

The book addresses the topic of electoral violence, its evolution and impacts in the Western Balkans, in order to understand the violent dynamics of electoral competition in the region. The goal is to approach the phenomenon in a regional context where electoral violence has not been systematically studied yet and its empirical relevance may provide an additional perspective to ongoing academic debate as well as to practical prevention policies. At the core of this book is an effort to understand the essence and causes of electoral violence during the democratization process in the Western Balkans that accompanied post-conflict reconstruction and ongoing political struggles.

The book is original in terms of the topic and it is novel regarding the methods applied. Currently, there is no monograph devoted to electoral violence in the Western Balkans and only few can be compared in terms of comparative perspective worldwide. With rising relevance of electoral violence for regime stability, the topic is getting increasingly more attention. As a matter of fact, the phenomenon is not reserved exclusively to deeply-divided societies. Election-related violence can be found in types of societies covering the whole democracy – non-democracy spectrum. The main strength of the book comes from a broad theoretical discussion that is combined with original data collected over the last eight years. The book will be of interest to undergraduate and postgraduate students, academics and also political scientists and commentators. Moreover, political advisors and practitioners making decisions and developing democratisation programmes and programmes of democratic assistance may find important guidance in this book.


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