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Remote NMR (R-NMR): Moving NMR infrastructures to remote access capabilities (R-NMR)

Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy (NMR) is one of the major analytical methods applied in all chemical, physical, biological, and medical sciences. NMR's leading role stems from its analytical power in terms of molecular resolution, quantification, and broad application envelope. It requires the installation of sophisticated and expensive equipment, operated by scientists with diverse background ranging from service-oriented researchers to highly trained experts. The aggregated capital investment in European NMR facilities, operating at local, national, and European level, exceeds 500 Mill. Euro. NMR facilities are operated within the NMR community that maintains excellent network between sites and serves a broad community within the focal points of European research interests.
With the application Remote-NMR (R-NMR), we wish to establish the possibility to utilize remote access for all NMR users throughout Europe. While routine NMR applications are established in every university and in industry, more specialized applications are performed in research infrastructures offering access and help to local and outside users. During the pandemic, the access of remote users has dropped significantly raising the need to establish standardized procedures for remote access. In this proposal an inclusive network of NMR-infrastructures through Europe will be established, surveying if and how remote is possible in the beginning of the project, the needs of the community, GDPR implementation at facilities and sample shipment procedures. Routines for remote NMR-usage will be established including dissemination of research and teaching protocols, archiving of data, sample shipment and CO2-monitoring.

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Masarykova univerzita se hlásí k cílům udržitelného rozvoje OSN, jejichž záměrem je do roku 2030 zlepšit podmínky a kvalitu života na naší planetě.

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