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The European Green Deal: Governing the EU’s Transition towards Climate Neutrality and Sustainability (GreenDeal-NET)

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The proposed network on “The European Green Deal: Governing the EU’s Transition towards Climate Neutrality and Sustainability” (GreenDeal-NET) focuses on one of the key European and global challenges. Its overarching objective is to provide a platform for collaboration and exchange on European climate and sustainability governance so as to (a) collect, share, discuss and advance relevant academic research/ teaching and (b) actively foster engagement and debate with policymakers and the broader public. GreenDeal-NET pursues its five specific objectives through six interlocking Work Packages (WPs). Based on professional management and coordination (WP1), the Network will establish GreenDeal-Connect, a new online platform for sharing knowledge and promoting exchange and debate (including peer review) (WP2); foster impactful new research collaboration and build research capacity (WP3); advance collaborative means, channels and capacities for teaching (WP4); foster novel academic and societal debate (WP5); and widely disseminate key findings, results and activities for high impact (WP6). The WPs are divided into a coherent set of tasks that will result in a rich array of outputs, including a lecture series, a PhD school, a MOOC, special issues/edited books, review articles, processes for advancing teaching and research collaboration, roundtable debates, academic conference panels, international conferences, policy-link workshops, policy impact papers, policy briefs, newsletters and podcasts. GreenDeal-NET will be run by a highly motivated, highly qualified, multidisciplinary and diverse team from 12 leading universities across 11 European countries. This consortium will form the nucleus of a much wider network and community with broad reach across Europe and beyond. It will hence serve as an important focal point for academic work on the key geopolitical challenge of the climate and sustainability transition and its link with related societal and policy debates.

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Masarykova univerzita se hlásí k cílům udržitelného rozvoje OSN, jejichž záměrem je do roku 2030 zlepšit podmínky a kvalitu života na naší planetě.

Cíl udržitelného rozvoje č.  4 – Kvalitní vzdělání Cíl udržitelného rozvoje č.  7 – Dostupné a čisté energie Cíl udržitelného rozvoje č.  13 – Klimatická opatření

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