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Metrology for Integrated Marine Management and Knowledge-Transfer Network (MINKE)

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3/2024 - 12/2025
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Evropská unie
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Přírodovědecká fakulta

Determination of levels of a range of persistent and emerging organic substances in surface waters of the Mediterranean and in the atmosphere, and determination of the direction of diffusive air-sea exchange fluxes. Investigation of the seasonality of occurrence of the monitored substances in water and air as a basis for the future long-term trend monitoring in support of the on-going global monitoring at background polluted sites within the AQUA-GAPS/MONET network. Most of the investigated substances are semivolatile, hence exchanging between surfaces and the atmosphere, and long-lived, hence transported regionally (Europe and in the continental outflow). Apart from variation of sources, season is influencing the air-sea exchange. Therefore, the study addresses the source region (Europe) and the background marine atmosphere in the region and even on global scale. The data will become part of a global monitoring activity i.e., under the AQUA-GAPS/MONET network (see Lohmann et al. 2023).

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