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Synchronized activation of frontal and temporal regions during target variant of visual oddball task

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Rok publikování 2012
Druh Konferenční abstrakty
Popis Remote brain regions within cognitive networks are known to cooperate during sensorimotor coupling, i.e. during cognitive operations associated with the processing of a sensory signal up to the processes linked to a given motor action. Considering that such a sensorimotor coupling takes place in the target variant of the visual oddball task, the question arose, whether also in this cognitive task a synchronized activation of remote brain areas can be found. In present study we searched for synchronization in activity of frontal and temporal regions. Electrical activity from frontal (145) and temporal (184) cortical sites of 8 epileptic patients was recorded during a visual oddball task by means of depth electrodes. For each subject we averaged 1800 ms long EEG periods free of epileptic activity. Sections of highly correlated activity were detected either in the early or middle phase or even in the whole length of the evaluated record in frontal/temporal structures of 6 patients: (1) left medial frontal, right middle frontal, right rectal frontal gyri / left superior temporal gyrus, (2) left orbital gyrus/ left medial temporal gyrus, (3) right rectal gyrus/ right medial temporal gyrus, (4) right middle frontal gyrus / right hippocampus; right anterior cingulate gyrus/ right fusiform gyrus, (5) right anterior cingulate gyrus / right hippocampus, (6) right anterior cingulate gyrus / left parahippocampal gyrus. These results imply that frontal and temporal regions could be engaged in the cognitive task studied in a synchronized manner.
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