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Web 3D Visualization of Noise Mapping for Extended INSPIRE Buildings Model



Rok publikování 2013
Druh Článek ve sborníku
Konference Environmental Software Systems. Fostering Information Sharing
Fakulta / Pracoviště MU

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Obor Zemský magnetismus, geodesie, geografie
Klíčová slova geographic information; CityGML; X3D; INSPIRE; noise mapping
Popis This paper deals with cross-domain environmental aspects of noise mapping which is commonly understood as a stand-alone initiative. Scientific core of this research lies in the integration of noise mapping with interoperable data sources, where the European Union’s INSPIRE (INfrastructure for SPatial InfoRmation in Europe) Directive is nowadays one of the main. Principles of noise mapping according to the END (European Noise Directive), OGC (Open Geospatial Consortium) CityGML specification, X3D (Extensible 3D) and application schemas in INSPIRE are depicted at the beginning. Special attention is then paid to the specifics of INSPIRE spatial data theme called buildings, including its extension possibilities. Motivations for 3D application schema of INSPIRE buildings are discussed while only 2D application schema is the legally binding one. On the other hand, 3D application schema is recommended by the INSPIRE Technical Guidelines. We also deal with OGC CityGML specification since it is the basis for the 3D application schema. We took a step forward to publish the results of noise mapping based on INSPIRE application schema through X3D technology on the Web. This enables to disseminate information on noise mapping to wide audience through next generation Web applications. The paper proposes formalised methodology on X3D-based application development through the XSLT (eXtensible Stylesheet Language Transformations). Noise mapping was taken as a use case. There are discussions on benefits and limitations of X3D visualization as well as differences between the X3D presentation and storage of 3D geospatial data according to INSPIRE application schema on buildings at the end.
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