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Batman and the Rise of the Drones



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Konference Argumentation 2013: International Conference on Alternative Methods of Argumentation in Law
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Klíčová slova komix; sledování; monopol; násilí
Popis This paper aims to leave the usual scope of the law and literature and focuses on one of the greatest comicbook superheroes – the Batman. Batman is often claimed to be the greatest vigilante, but in this paper I dare to argue with this general view on its role in society. Batman cannot be claimed to be a vigilante, because he does not aim to alter the existing state monopoly of violence. He acts as a catalyst enhancing the law enforcement powers. He presents the incorruptible role-model to something we see in our world even today as the technology advances further into our lives – crowd-sourcing of the law enforcement through the collective effort of some of the law-abiding citizens.
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