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Bizarre distribution of Trocheta cylindrica: a pilot research



Rok publikování 2014
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Popis Trocheta cylindrica Örley, 1886 (Hirudinida, Erpobdellidae), likewise other Trocheta species, belongs to the semiaquatic predaceous leeches. Its distribution mainly in the eastern part of the Czech Republic seems to be strange. It lives in spring fens and montane and submontane streams and also in pools and dead arms of rivers in lowlands. In our pilot research we compared external morphology of preserved individuals from 26 sites. Lengths of individuals did not differ significantly between lowland and upland populations. But in external shape of genital pores some differences were observed. In the future research it will be important to focus on morphology of reproductive system. Molecular analysis of a new collected material will also bring important information about possible differences in populations of Czech biggest leech.

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