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Význam bederní sympatektomie v léčbě CLI


PEKAŘ Matej MAZUR Miloslav

Rok publikování 2016
Druh Konferenční abstrakty
Popis Introduction: Lumbar sympathectomy (LS) represents the interruption of the sympathetic trunk and the relevant ganglia in the range from L1 to L5. It results in arterial vasodilatation, particularly in vasodilation of small peripheral arteries of the lower extremities due to alfa adrenergic receptors blockade. The importance of LS is gradually lowering with the developement of vascular and endovascular interventions. However, its indications are broadly discussed nowadays. Methods: The pilot study including patients with critical limb ischemia (n = 10). Inclusion criteria include chronic limb defects with an area under 30 cm2, without severe infection, non-revascularable. LS was performed either surgically or chemically and previous invasive testing using spinal block (measuring of changes in the blood flow) was performed. The defect´s healing and limb salvage was monitored. Conclusion: Preliminary results show 70% limb salvage in the half year follow-up period. Supported by MUNI A/1365/2015
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