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From theory to metatheory and metascience : about reality and syndrome of the queen of sciences

Název česky Od teorie k metateorii a metavědě : o realitě a syndromu královny věd


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Fakulta / Pracoviště MU

Filozofická fakulta

Popis Among the experts we can meet with the opinion that the information science is not common discipline, but it do play a role of metascience, the field beyond the other disciplines. The paper presents theories describing the information science as metascience and shows a metatheory which are based on and how they deal with Capurro trilemma about the nature of reality. Information metascience may mean that discipline is the science about science, the science about reality or science of sciences, which will replace on the sovereign position of physical science and unite all physical theories into a single framework. The possibility of creating Unified theory of information by these approaches to information metascience is evaluated from the perspective of participatory philosophy, emergent ontology and digital metaphysics.
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