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From Technologies to Full-Body Experience : Lessons Learnt on a cross-France Study Pilgrimage



Rok publikování 2018
Druh Článek ve sborníku
Konference DisCo 2018 : Overcoming the Challenges and Barries in Open Education : 13th conference reader
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Klíčová slova e-learning; learning technologies; adventure learning; art history
Popis Starting from the standpoint of adventure learning, introduced and developed by Aaron Doering, this paper will focus on the intersections between learning which is happening in a traditional setting in an educational institution (be it online or offline), and learning which is happening out-of-doors and on-the-go. In the spring semester of 2017, a team of 12 students and 1 educator of art history, set off for an experimental learning experience, undergoing a pilgrimage across Switzerland and France, discovering and researching medieval pilgrimage paths and objects of medieval art along the way. From Laussane to Mont-Saint-Michel on the Atlantic coast, their journey covered more than 1500 kilometres on foot and four months of a varying weather as well as group dynamics. Still, the whole project aimed to be more than just an experience of a small group of outdoor-loving students. Being a carefully-planned educational and research endeavour, the students were meeting top experts in art history along the way and worked hard on collecting field-related materials and sources for their research papers. In addition, through the extensive use of learning technologies and video-based infrastructure, the research outcomes and learning sessions of the whole project were made available both to students of collaborating universities (through real-time streaming events, lecture capture, and Moodle-based courses) and the public audiences (through a series of documentary movies captured by students directly on the way as well as countless direct meetings with the locals). This paper will provide a summary of the project Migrating Art Historians from the point of view of an online instructional designer, AV technician, and educational content creator. It aims at sharing experiences about making learning happen outside of traditional classroom (from technical as well as methodological perspective), and inspiring debate about the value and benefits of learning with modern technologies.
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