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Decision making of semi-professional female basketball players in competitive games



Rok publikování 2020
Druh Článek ve sborníku
Konference Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Kinanthropology
Fakulta / Pracoviště MU

Fakulta sportovních studií

Klíčová slova basketball; decision making; logistic regression; offensive skills
Popis Purpose: Nowadays, not only the research but also coaching is focusing on decision making in basketball. Decision making is critical in basketball, especially in relation to offensive skills (with ball). Generally, the players have to decide what to do with the ball (make an appropriate decision) and in the shortest time possible. From this point of view, the study aims to identify the factors which can affect the decision making of offensive skills of female basketball players. Methods: Eight semi-professional female basketball players participated in this study. Basketball players played five competitive games in the second division. During all games, the heart rate was monitored. Decision making was assessed according to Basketball Offensive Game Performance Instrument (BOGPI) and categorized as appropriate and inappropriate. For this purpose, the notational analysis was used. Based on previous research, the four main factors were set as independent variables. Each of these factors was categorized. The first factor was the intensity of load (< 85%, 85-95%, and > 95% of HRmax), second factor was ball possession duration (0-8 s, 9-16 s, and 17-24 s), third factor was game period (1st quarter, 2nd quarter, 3rd quarter, and 4th quarter), and the fourth factor was defensive pressure of an opponent (low, moderate, and high). Objectivity was verified by the method of inter-rater agreement, and reliability was using intra-rater agreement. The influence of factors on decision making was expressed by binary logistic regression. Method of backward stepwise selection was used to find predictors of inappropriate decisions and to find the best model. Results: One regression coefficient in the final model was statistically significant - defensive pressure of the opponent. When the defensive pressure is moderate or high, the chance for inappropriate decisions increased. Conclusion: Based on these findings, the coaches should take into consideration these factors when preparing individual training sessions.
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