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D2.2-Circular business model development and implementation plan

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KLAPALOVÁ Alena ŠKAPA Radoslav ROCI Malvina VACEKOVÁ Gabriela PAIXAO DE SOUSA Cristina Maria SALEHI Niloufar

Rok publikování 2020
Druh Výzkumná zpráva
Fakulta / Pracoviště MU

Ekonomicko-správní fakulta

Popis The purpose of this deliverable is to develop the circular business model of the demonstrators and bring forward an implementation plan. In order to understand the specific characteristics of the white goods and automotive industry, several analyses were performed for the relevant markets. For the white goods demonstrator, a comparative study of direct and indirect competitors with respect to use- and result-oriented product service systems in case of washing machines (and other white goods) was conducted for the four countries where the pay-per-wash offering will be deployed. Data from survey conducted within the ReCiPSS project in 2019 was analysed using statistical tools to elaborate characteristics of customer segments and propose pricing and marketing strategies. Moreover, modelling and simulation was employed to evaluate the economic and environmental performance of pay-per-wash offerings and outline new revenue streams, profit margins and market share over different time horizons. For the automotive demonstrator, companies operating in the automotive aftermarket, dealing with logistic, reverse logistics, and supported by cloud computing and digital platforms were analysed. Marketing and pricing strategies for the implementation of the circular business model for the automotive demonstrator are proposed. The circular business model was developed for a specific customer segment – the independent aftermarket wholesalers. However, part of the elements within the components are valid also for other stakeholders (e.g. remanufacturers, workshops, core-brokers and buying groups). Moreover, modelling and simulation was employed to evaluate the economic and environmental performance of the system as a result of an increased efficiency and transparency of reverse logistic flow enabled by the ReCiPSS ICT platform.
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