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Negotiating Privileges at the Imperial Court : Sigismund of Luxembourg’s Charters for Italian Recipients and Their Financial Background



Rok publikování 2022
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Fakulta / Pracoviště MU

Filozofická fakulta

Popis One of the main themes that regularly appears in the correspondence of Italian ambassadors from the Imperial Court is the negotiation concerning the privileges requested and their price. Considerable sums went both to the monarch, who relinquished some of his prerogatives to the recipient, and to the chancery responsible for drawing up the charters. The aim of this paper is to shed light on the financial background of the issuing of imperial privileges, using three selected cases in which three prominent Italian powers acted as recipients. Specifically, these are the privilege for the elevation of Gianfrancesco Gonzaga of Mantua to margrave (1432), the ducal investiture for Filippo Maria Visconti of Milan (1426), and the vicariate charter for the Republic of Venice (1437). By analysing these relatively well-documented cases, the financing of Sigismund’s court and chancery will be better understood.
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