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Fiori, fioretti, detti e sentenze. Letteratura gnomica tra tardo medioevo romanzo e rinascimento



Rok publikování 2023
Druh Uspořádání konference
Fakulta / Pracoviště MU

Filozofická fakulta

Přiložené soubory
Popis «Eo oe facto chome chului che, in uno grandissimo prato de flori, ch’alegi tuta la cima de li flori per fare una bella grilanda» (Fiore di virtu, prologo). The gnomic literature of the late Middle Ages and Renaissance, between lives, narrative exempla and naked collections of wise men's sayings (ancient or modern, pagan or Christian), constitutes a vast corpus of texts that in recent decades has frequently attracted the attention of philological studies, but much work remains to be done. Whether they are well-known texts (Flowers and Life of Philosophers, Flower of Virtue, Dits des philosophes) or still unpublished, new manuscript witnesses continue to emerge and connections, influences, derivations are recognized. This conference aims to initiate or consolidate a dialogue between scholars who deal with this field. The following lines of research are suggested as areas of reflection for possible interventions at the conference: - editions of gnomic texts;- studies on the tradition of texts;- studies on sources;- reflections on issues of philology of structures to identify filiations;- analysis on the use of gnomic literature in derivative works.
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