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Students, Teachers, and Mayors: The Question of Power over the Community-based Environmental and Sustainability Education Projects



Rok publikování 2023
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Popis Contemporary environmental and sustainability education (ESE) should be action-oriented, which assumes it should be participatory and motivate students to be involved in community-based projects (Sinakou et al., 2019). However, the need to negotiate the goals for such projects among students, teachers, and community representatives often starts a delicate process of distributing the power over the project and its implementation. In some cases, what students want to achieve to promote sustainability in their community differs from what the community representatives are willing to support. These differences often lead to clashes and may cause the failure of the project (Iversen & Jónsdóttir, 2018). In other cases, students are discouraged from their original ideas and led to adopt new goals, aligning with a community policy while not necessarily crucial for the local sustainability needs. While students may still be involved in a community-based project, they lose control over its aims and implementation. As a result, they also lose their motivation, and the experience may promote their frustration rather than empowerment (Činčera et al., 2019). The presentation focuses on the qualitative evaluation research of the program School for Sustainable Development, targeting young students from the Czech Republic. Specifically, it compares the stories of the three groups of students, describing various possible conclusions regarding the distribution of power among the students, teachers, and community in the community-based ESE.
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