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The infalling elliptical galaxy M89: The chemical composition of the AGN disturbed hot atmosphere


KARA Sinancan PLŠEK Tomáš PROTUŠOVÁ Klaudia RIFFALD SOUZA BREUER Jean-Paul Bernhard WERNER Norbert MERNIER François ERCAN E Nihal

Rok publikování 2024
Druh Článek v odborném periodiku
Časopis / Zdroj Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society
Popis The chemical enrichment of X-ray-emitting hot atmospheres has hitherto been primarily studied in galaxy clusters. These studies revealed relative abundances of heavy elements that are remarkably similar to Solar. Here, we present measurements of the metal content of M89 (NGC 4552), an elliptical galaxy infalling into the Virgo cluster with a ~10 kpc ram-pressure stripped X-ray tail. We take advantage of deep Chandra and XMM-Newton observations, and with particular attention to carefully modelling the spectra, we measure the O/Fe, Ne/Fe, Mg/Fe, Si/Fe and S/Fe ratios. Contrary to previous measurements in galaxy clusters, our results for the hot atmosphere of M89 suggest super-Solar abundance ratios with respect to iron (i.e. ?/Fe \\> 1), similar to its stellar components. Our analysis of the active galactic nucleus (AGN) activity in this system indicates that the AGN-induced outflow could have facilitated the stripping of the original galactic atmosphere, which has been replaced with fresh stellar mass loss material with super-Solar ?/Fe abundance ratios. Additionally, we report a new fitting bias in the RGS data of low-temperature plasma. The measured O/Fe ratios are \\>1? lower in multi-temperature models than a single temperature fit, leading to discrepancies in the calculations of supernova fractions derived from the metal abundances.
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