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BEE-ST: a new approach for monitoring spatiotemporal hard tissue dynamics growth and healing across the species



Rok publikování 2023
Druh Konferenční abstrakty
Popis Mineralized tissues, such as bones or teeth, are essential structures of all vertebrates. They enable rapid movement, protection, and food processing, in addition to providing physiological functions. Although the development, regeneration and pathogenesis of teeth and bones have been intensely studied, there is currently no tool to accurately follow the dynamics of growth and healing of these vital tissues in space and time. Here, we present the BEE-ST (Bones and tEEth Spatio-Temporal growth monitoring) approach, which allows precise quantification of development, regeneration, remodeling and healing in any type of calcified tissue across different species. Using mouse teeth as model, the turnover rate of continuously-growing incisors was quantified and the role of hard/soft diet on molar root growth was shown. Furthermore, the dynamics of bones and teeth growth in lizards, frogs, birds and zebrafish was uncovered. This approach represents an effective, highly reproducible, and versatile tool that opens up new possibilities in developmental biology, bone and tooth healing, tissue engineering and disease modeling.

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