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Liturgické a rádové odevy v knihách strihov krajčírskeho cechu z Trnavy



Rok publikování 2024
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Fakulta / Pracoviště MU

Filozofická fakulta

Popis The pattern books of the tailors' guilds are an invaluable source of information on historical forms of dress. The uniqueness of this type of source lies in the simultaneous appearance of descriptions and drawings of garment construction, which make it possible to trace a wide range of details that are mostly unrecognisable from other types of source. It is surprising that such an important source, an invaluable basis for the comparative study of historical forms of dress, has been almost overlooked by Slovak scholars. Two such books came directly from Trnava and are now housed in the Museum of Applied Arts in Budapest. The older book dates from 1636, the newer one from 1708. Both books are unique compared to other books in that they contain patterns exclusively of liturgical and religious vestments. On this basis, we can analyse in detail what garments were worn by priests and members of religious orders in the period, their construction, material and method of manufacture. The paper thus tries to contribute to a better knowledge of the history of clothing in Slovakia.
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