Informace o projektu

Informace o projektu
Development and Study of Methods for Live Cell Quantification (Live Cell Quantification)

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1/2014 - 12/2016
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Grantová agentura ČR
Fakulta / Pracoviště MU
Fakulta informatiky

Studies of living cells and their interactions are indispensable to research in life sciences. Nowadays, most data in these studies are acquired using fully automated optical microscopes producing massive datasets. Consequently, there is a strong need for automatic computerized image analysis. This requires good understanding of the performance and parameter sensitivity of involved methods over various image qualities, even in non-ideal conditions. We want to simulate inter- and intracellular dynamic processes on computers in order to create realistic time-lapse synthetic images of living cells and complex cellular networks, and use these images for studying the performance, limits, and parameter sensitivity of existing as well as newly developed image processing methods. We also want to study the impact of image processing on quantitative measures. The results achieved from the computer simulations will be compared to the results obtained based on real images. This project will contribute to understanding and development of methods for live cell quantification.


Počet publikací: 9

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